Arouse interest in youth
The initiative “School – Economy” has set itself the goal of strengthening the cooperation between students, teachers and South Tyrolean enterprises.

insight into the education of adolescents
According to the motto “Understanding economy – Shaping the future” the initiative enables young people to get in touch with the business and employment world at an early stage. Furthermore, the initiative provides companies with an insight into the education of adolescents.

improvement of internal business
The economy is in need of informed and committed employees that are capable of recognizing economic interrelationships and actively contributing to the improvement of internal business processes. In contrast, schools require companies’ feedback regarding the level of their students’ education.

meetings with the members
The IER – Institute for Economic Research of the Chamber of Commerce also coordinates the correspondent working group “School-Economy” and organizes meetings with the members on a regular basis. The following institutions are part of this joint initiative: Chamber of Commerce, Trade Associations, Economic Departments, Education Authorities, Educational Institutes, Departments of Vocational Education, Departments of Labor and Fiera Bolzano. The working group publishes each year a brochure which contains all the various activities offered by the members to pupils and teachers.