Industrial areas in South Tyrol

Interactive map and information on all industrial areas of South Tyrol

South Tyrol has 1,907 ha of industrial land, which is divided into 777 industrial areas. The size of the industrial areas ranges from very small areas of only a few 100 m2 to large industrial areas of several hectares.

The interactive map shows the industrial areas for all South Tyrolean municipalities. Fact-sheets for each industrial area are available in German and Italian language (please click on the German or Italian version of the website). These fact-sheets include information on the size of the area, the number of businesses and employees, as well as quality criteria such as accessibility or technical infrastructure.
How have the industrial areas developed over the last 10 years and what area requirements can be expected by 2030? Where would an expansion make the most economic sense? The answers to these and similar questions can be found in the following IER-study:
ABSTRACT: Areas with potential - Industrial areas in South Tyrol

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